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brief note

Just a brief note to say I'm alive. I need to re-instigate the "no internet computer until the words are done" rule, it seems, as I've been dorking around online a great deal and not doing any work at all. Or not much, anyway. Chapter 20 is finally done and I think I have about 12 more, and at this point I need to write 2 a day in order to finish by the end of the month. Not impossible (or even all that difficult, if I just bleeding well *do* it), but I've been letting myself slide and must needs stop.

Jess has not yet won me back, though the swan fight was funny. I hope he *did* listen to the rant-and-rave phone message Rory left him, 'cause he's not treating her well enough and just because he got concert tickets for something doesn't make up for him never calling. Also, I think Dean's new girlfriend is cute and, having been spoiled for something in Dean's future, I'm real curious about her. :)

The episode in which Sherry and Christopher's daughter was born, where they had the flashbacks to Lorelai's pregnancy, was quite nicely done, although the casting sort of made me cringe (it worked, but was not inspiring). Interesting: the pre-pregnancy Lorelai seemed, at least in that episode, far less like a rebel than she's been painted as. I don't believe that child would've gone off to Europe with Christopher after graduation, for example. And did Lorelai live at home for a whole *year* after Rory's birth? Emily said the baby carriage had been in the way "for the last year". That seems like way too much time, to me.

What else? Augh, poor Paris. I'm sort of waiting to see how the whole not getting into Harvard thing resolves, because I can hardly imagine her not going to Harvard. Poor Paris. Even if she's been an absolute idiot over the whole Francie storyline, having a meltdown on C-Span is rather more punishment than she deserves. :)

I did remember that the farmer's market is today, but it's too late to go to it now (and it's starting to rain). Oops. Oh well.

It's 3:30. I should have some lunch.

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