kit (mizkit) wrote,

vacuum triumph

In a stunning route, I have triumphed over the vacuum, which wasn’t sucking anything up. I’d taken the whole goddamn thing apart trying to find the problem, and yesterday discovered a section I hadn’t known CAME apart. Inside it was an 8″ clog of solid dust that I clawed out with chopsticks.

The vacuum worked a lot better after that. I have vacuumed the whole downstairs, which looks a great deal better. #triumph

I also have the first cold of the school year, which is less of a triumph, but also pretty well inevitable. I’m trying not to whinge, even to myself, because it doesn’t help, but it’s also hard to not just stare blankly out the window and do Nothing At All.

We were at the comic shop this weekend, and in the end I couldn’t resist an Agent Carter Pop! bobblehead. I think these things are ridiculously cute, but recognize that This Way Lies Danger, so I’ve sworn to myself I can only have a Rogue and a Gambit if I ever find them, but…Agent Carter! :)


So I was weak. :) Ted said, “You just want her because she’s got the hat,” and I confessed that was very likely true. :)

I think that’s about all I know today. I’m going to go stare at a manuscript and try to make it better.

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Tags: comics, fanboy, housecleaning, sick

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