kit (mizkit) wrote,

a comedy of errors

To top it all off, Young Indiana has come down with the chicken pox. @.@

I had been certain he’d been immunized against it, but the HSE website says they don’t habitually use the chicken pox vaccine in Ireland. Ted was getting him ready for a shower this morning and said, “Caaaatie? Indy has spots…” And yes. Yes he did. Ten or fifteen of them. Many just looked like bug bites or something, perhaps, but there was one in particular that looked very chicken poxy. We asked if he was itchy, and he said nope!, but a bit later he said “I was itchy yesterday but I scratched!”

Oh dear.

Anyway, Ted whisked him off to the doctor, who verified that yep, that’s chicken pox all right!

Our housewarming party guests have been warned as best I can warn them, but we may stand at the door and shout, “THIS IS A HOUSE OF PLAGUE!” as people approach, just to be sure they got the message. That’s a problem with using Facebook; no certain way to know if people saw information or not. @.@

But the show is going on, because most adults have had chicken pox, and so far the one adult who as far as she knows hasn’t, has been made aware and is detouring to another location instead of coming up. Which is sad, but better than getting chicken pox at forty.

To top it all off, after a week of relentlessly beautiful weather, it’s raining!

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