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getting there

I’m down to about a dozen Moving Guys boxes, which all need to be emptied out so the Moving Guys can come get them again. Actually, we have quite a few left over from the last move, so the goal is now to give them not only the ones they brought this time, but also all the others. Technically I only have to empty 3 more small boxes and we’ve got enough to send back. But dammit, this time I am Unpacking All The Boxes.

I found the PERFECT SHELVES to fit into one of our kitchen closets. Unfortunately, they’re only in stock at the UK version of the store. #sigh The good news is I called to ask about them rather than trying to take a taxi out to the place that nominally had them. The better news is that I found out while on the phone that this place will CUT WOOD TO FIT A SPACE, which is not something most places here seem to do. So this evening we’re gonna go do that. If I’m really amazing I’ll find a piece of paper large enough to make a pattern for the other shelf we need cut, too, and then I’ll be able to put the rest of the things in the kitchen away. Although a shelf on the wall for Pretty Things would also be a good idea. Maybe not today, though.

We do, unquestionably, need at least one more bookshelf. At Least. Possibly two. For the library. I also want one for the dining room that is of such specificity that I’m never gonna find it and must adapt my desires. Or pay a great deal, neither of which is really appealing. :)(This one is very nearly perfect, except it’s expensive and not quite as tall or wide as I’d like but I’m not gonna get exactly what I want and whine whine whine :)) In the meantime I’ve got a thing that will do.

Okay. I’m going to go try to empty the last box in the library, which will at least…tell me what’s in it, and perhaps give me some idea as to what to do with its contents. Possibly cry and throw them out the window, but y’know, whatever.

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