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Someday--about fifteen years from now, when I have time--I'm going to write a series of novels that will look almost nothing, save for the names of the characters, like a game we played once upon a time. It'll be a Greek tragedy on the GRRM scale, and it will be huge fun and huge work and the prospect of it fills me with glee. It will resolve storylines left unplayed (as I see fit, of course; that's the trouble of giving one person the reins) and it will go directions the original story never went (is that fanfic?), and it will bring the low high and the high low, and beloved characters will die badly and people who ought to die badly will live well, and it will be awesome.

But that's not what I'm working on right now. (Well, it has been for the last two hours, while debela and I geeked about it, but that's different from working.) I got 4200 words done on HoC and broke 300 pages, though I haven't hit 75K in actual wordcount yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Still, I'm now at the point where I have a perceptible number of things to accomplish: masquerade, sex, betrayal, death, explosions, estrangement.

And, right on cue, I find myself wondering both whether I have enough story to make it to the end of the book, and how I'm going to get all that story into the remaining pages I have left. :) The nice thing is that for the first time I'm feeling actively enthusiastic about working on this book...which is probably because I have to stop for several days in order to have visitors and do the line edits on PHOENIX. I hope I don't lose the enthusiasm. Losing momentum is bad, and easy to do. I'm a little nervous about the next several days.

ARGH. It's Friday and I've missed the farmer's market AGAIN. I *cannot* remember that it's FRIDAY. ARGH!

ytd wordcount: 238,100
miles to Isengard: 178
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