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note to self:

The whole *point* of doing the thousand drawings project is to *learn* to draw as well as the traced ones come out. Wretched brain. Wretched brain is all happy with the drawing and then suddenly crashes 'cause it's half cheated and traced and why can't I get those proportions right WITHOUT tracing it and waaaaaaaaaail!

*smacks brain around a bit*

Speaking of crashing, does anybody own "Crash" (the Oscar-winning film from this year) on DVD and could snurch me a screenshot? I haven't been able to find the one I want on the net. It's this scene, but the camera's swung around to be directly in front of Dillon and he's sagged down a lot more than that, just at the end of the scene. It's a horribly awkward pose and I want to try drawing it. :)
Tags: 1000 drawings, art, fanboy
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