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Kitsnaps: Zoo Day

Yesterday it was a glorious morning and on the way to preschool Young Indiana said to me, “We should go to the zoo after school on this beautiful day!”

That seemed like a very sensible thing to do, so after school I collected him and we hopped on the bus to, er, actually, to go downtown and then get on the bus to the zoo, because that was by far the easiest way to get there, but, y’know, details details. To go to the zoo. :)

It was in fact a perfectly marvelous day, and I learned something very important, which is that I should not wear my big fashionable vision-correcting sunglasses when shooting with my non-autofocus telephoto lens, because it turns out three quarters of the pictures I take will have the fence behind the animal, or nothing at all, in nice sharp focus. It must have something to do with the distance of the glasses lens from my eye, because usually only about a quarter of my non-autofocus pictures are out of focus. :)

I did, however, get some nice pictures, and am especially pleased with my Babushka gorilla shot.

Babushka gorilla
Babushka gorilla

Babushka gorilla

There’s also a new baby bongo! I love the bongos. Sadly I missed the picture of Daddy Bongo looking like he might charge all of us humans who were looking at his baby (wretched lack of autofocus!), but I got the baby looking pretty belligerent itself, so that works for me. :)

Baby Bongo
Baby Bongo

Dublin Zoo’s newest baby bongo appears to be feeling a little belligerent.

Just as I was taking this picture of one of the newish redheaded monkeys at the zoo, the baby next to me SQUEALED!, causing the monkey to look sharply in our direction. I said thank you to the baby. :)

Redheaded Monkey
Redheaded Monkey

I don’t know what the redheaded monkeys at Dublin Zoo are called. Er, as in their species, although I don’t know their names, either…

I think this is the best picture I’ve managed to take of the white-crowned mangabeys. They move fast!

White-Crowned Mangabeys
White-Crowned Mangabeys

My shoddy focusing skills actually worked out just fine with this, as the baby is so nicely in focus even if the mama isn’t! :)

And since it was his idea to go to the zoo, I figure Young Indiana should feature in today’s post. :)

Enthusiastic Primate
Enthusiastic Primate

I have a lot of out of focus pictures of this enthusiastic primate too, but this one turned out nicely. :)

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