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little girls & cats

Ok, you can get decidedly less cute if you ring the doorbell 345987 times in a day asking to rub the cats. I just had to explain to the elder of the two (who is 6, judging from her teeth, which I noticed today as being Significantly Missing) that 1. If we don't answer the doorbell the first time it's rung, then we're not going to, so they don't need to ring it again, and 2. that I work from home, so if they wish to pet the cats they may come by one time in the evenings and ring the doorbell once and if we're home they can come in and pet the cats.

Finished chapter 18 and got a couple hundred words into 19, putting me just over 65K and somewhere between 12 and 14 chapters from done, I think. Except for the zillions of rewrites I'm going to have to do, but I'm really trying not to think about that right now.

Not feeling terribly confident about getting enough done before November to go to WFC. Trying to decide if going to WFC would be good enough for me personally/emotionally/socially to go anyway. This is not the time to decide, just to kind of contemplate it. Oh, and speaking of such things, I suspect I am not going to MeCon after all, as it's a weekend earlier than I thought. Piffle. There's some really crappy customer service for you. My old MT files got shut down and I emailed my provider to ask why, since I hadn't done anything. I got back:

Your MT files were disabled when accessed they cause severe load problems :( I seen you have a blog located somewhere else but your archives are causing some problems for the server so they were disabled. I can re-enable them but you'll probably need to remove some of your archives so it doesn't cause so much trouble for the system.

And nobody *notified* me of this? Either before or after the problem? Yessir, that's good customer service all right.

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