kit (mizkit) wrote,

chd: my brain is trying to trick me

I’m suffering from a bad case of compulsive hair disorder and my brain is trying to trick me. I just saw a woman (a Topshop model, actually, featured in the image on this post) with a good layered haircut, chin-length layers around the face and blunt-cut shoulder length layers for the rest. I thought, “That looks great, I could do that!”

Except I hate layers on me. I have a great deal of hair, but it’s too straight: layers end up making it look thin and limp. (Yes, I know, that’s exactly what layers are supposed to avoid. It doesn’t work on me.) Every single time I have ever gotten a layered haircut, within the month I have returned to get it all cut off to the shortest layer length. My brain is trying to trick me.

And EVEN THOUGH I KNOW my brain is trying to trick me, part of me is going, “But it was a really good cut! Maybe this time I’d like the layers!”

Stupid, stupid brain. :p

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Tags: compulsive hair disorder, daily life

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