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*so* don't want to work today

I so don't want to go to work today. This is more because I haven't done anything the last couple days than not wanting to work, you know? Entropy. Also, it's ridiculously beautiful out, and I'd rather go outside and play. This, however, is not an option, as I have people coming sometime this weekend and the line edits on PHOENIX are due three days earlier than they told me they were. Argh. I'd been going to do those next week after visitors were gone. Now I have to do them before Monday evening. Argh. And I need to hit 300 pages on HoC, preferably by ... well. Tomorrow evening would be best, probably.

Last night I had two little girls come to the door and ask if they could rub the cats. *laughs out loud* It took me a moment to translate that to 'pet the cats', and then I let them in. *laugh* Zilli tried to run away some, but Lucy, who recognizes babies, just hunkered down and let them rub her. They told me about sixteen times that the cats were lovely, and then went away very happy. How cute can you get? :)

I think I'll do That Kiss for my next 1000 Drawings drawing.

Ok, off to work now.

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