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Kitsnaps: St Patrick’s Church, Dundalk

The Church of St Patrick, Dundalk
The Church of St Patrick, Dundalk

St Pat’s ediface, which, lacking a wide-angle lens, I had to lie on the ground to capture.

“The Church of St. Patrick is a very large Roman Catholic church,” says Wikipedia.

Yes. Yes it is. :)

This is St Pat’s in Dundalk, up near the border, and it’s really rather ridiculously splendid. I could have spent a quite considerable amount of time trying to get some really good pictures of it, and going inside to get more, but I was travelling with a small child, which puts the kibosh on that sort of activity. I liked these ones, though. :)

The Church of St Patrick, Dundalk
The Church of St Patrick, Dundalk

“A very large church.” Glad we got that sorted out.

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