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Kitsnaps: Botanic Gardens Hailstorm

Last Friday Young Indiana and I went out to the Botanic Gardens and got caught in a rain-and-hailstorm. It was great fun, actually, and involved a lot of running from one hiding place to another, playing keep-safe games and dancing.

I had my camera, having intended to pursue my self-directed photography ‘classes’ some more, although I haven’t advanced much beyond practicing shallow-depth photography. On one hand that’s fine, because as it happens I Really Love shallow depth photography and I’m chuffed I’ve re-learned how to do it reliably. On the other hand, I should move on because I took some pictures facing directly into the sun and then had to apply quite a lot of post-production to get them to be, y’know, vaguely see-able. The Ladies & Palm House ended up with me futzing with it the most, because the whole image even when I took the picture had this somewhat surreal quality to it, and the actual photo…fell short. :)

I’m especially pleased with the robin, as it’s apparently an Unspoken Life Goal (or perhaps not so unspoken) of mine to take a really good picture of a robin, but I think the picture of Young Indiana is just wonderful. :)

Glasnevin Tower
Glasnevin Tower

Glasnevin Tower in a hailstorm, viewed from the Botanic Gardens

Robin Red Breast
Robin Red Breast

A European robin hides in the trees with us as we all wait out a hailstorm.

Ladies & Palm House
Ladies & Palm House

My favourite sculpture at the Botanic Gardens, backed up by the magnificent Palm House.

Botanic Gardens in the rain
Botanic Gardens in the rain

Botanic Gardens in the rain

Dancing in the Rain
Dancing in the Rain

Just singing and…

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