kit (mizkit) wrote,

I hate revising.

I hate revising. I particularly hate it when I’m going over a manuscript that, when I finished writing it, I thought was REALLY BAD and probably needed to be totally thrown out, and six weeks later when I look at it again I’m like “this appears to mostly work and i can’t tell if it actually works or if it’s just this HUGE GAPING BLIND SPOT OF DENIAL.”

Even more aggravating is that the last 3 chapters of my printed manuscript mysteriously disappeared and so I was left in the lurch and still don’t know if the book ends all right or if I’m stuck in this HUGE GAPING BLIND SPOT OF DENIAL. And I had a whole hour of work time left.

Fortunately I had a book with me. :)

Anyway, I have no idea if the book is awful or not. It probably is. An editor would probably see all the flaws and make me rip out the second half and fix them. Which I would do myself, if I could get past this HUGE GAPING BLIND SPOT OF DENIAL. Unless it’s actually not that bad. Which is possible. Unlikely, but possible.


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