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research question

Can anybody, by any chance, tell me what swimwear (for white women (ie, wives, daughters of plantation owners) specifically) in the Caribbean in the 1650s or so would have been like, or if the whole idea is just so beyond the pale that legions of outraged society mothers would rise up from their graves to castigate me for the idea of sending their precious plantation daughters into the water? I can only get the net to cough up stuff from either pre-Roman times or 18th century on. (In a way it doesn't matter, because I'm planning a semi-fantastical setting and know what I'm going to use already, but I do like to know what conventions I'm breaking, you know?)

We went to see Pirates yesterday (which is not actually what prompts the above question, except in reminding me to ask it), and generally enjoyed it. It was too long and the scene after the credits was not worth staying for, but wow, the kraken was fantastic and Jack's last scene/shot *that* was a pirate. *tud*

...I do so admire people who can turn LJ icons into art. I just think it's cool. This stems from wondering if I could find a Pirates icon of the aforementioned scene (I haven't yet, no surprise) and then just going through lots of icons and ... ok, well, now I'm looking for Rogue icons, but I hain't found none yet. Anyway, I was saying to debela that I wished I could make icons like some of these, and she said don't be silly, I used to be a graphic designer, of course I could, and I said, well, not to my satisfaction, I can't, and she said, "Kit, where evilhat [is the one who] will define the devil's evil as a 'quirk' and explain to me that if you think about it, the guy does come from a pretty good family and has a good education and he has done a lot with what he has, you're the friend who will in fact take home eight nobel prizes in literature, get your art and photography in national galleries and then fuss privately that all of it *could have been done better* and in fact that you could have done more."

Now I want an overachiever icon. :)

Also I want that 'real effing ray of sunshine' icon that Marith said I should have as a t-shirt.

Hm. Maybe I'll go play with iconmaking. :)
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