kit (mizkit) wrote,

still synopsizing

I'm still working on the REDEEMER synopsis. I'd been living in this magical-thinking place where I thought I could the half-worldbuilding-totally-SPLAAAH synopsis I was roughing as the Actual Synopsis, since I wasn't going to have to send it to anybody.

Turned out I can't, even if it's *not* going to anybody else. It was too chaotic and unstructured, so despite the fact that I've got thousands of words of worldbuilding & synopsis, I've now got...thousands of words of new synopsis. I did about 8K--actually, including the *original* synopsis, more like 9400 words--of worldbuilding/synopsising/brainstorming questions (and that doesn't even count the responses to peoples' thoughts on my brainstorming filter, which adds another several hundred words; call it 10K total, probably), and I've converted about 3K of that into solid, useable synopsis. :)

I'm actually finding it rather interesting that I'm obliged to do this, er, Properly, even if it's basically For My Eyes Only. It's totally not fair, but it's interesting. *laughs* (And another TooMUSH alumni who is working toward publication says her takeaway from this is that I'm teaching her she'd better not slack on learning skills like a good synopsis. :))

I'm definitely gonna count all of this toward my YTD wordcount, though, because ye gods, this is a lot of prep!

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