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I have no willpower.

I have no willpower. At *all*.

I was just going to watch two episode, but I accidentally put the 5th disc in without having watched the 4th. And the first episode that didn't matter, but the second was all full of 'previously on Gilmore Girls' stuff that made no sense. So I had to go 'buh?' and look at the 4th disc, and then I had to see the whole storyline leading up to the 'previously on' bit on the 5th disc, and then I had to watch that episode on the 5th disc. And, well, then I had to finish the storyline with the last two episodes on the disc.

But then I was STRONG!

I didn't watch the last two episodes of the season! O.O

*dies in a pit* No willpower. At *all*. *embarrassed, from the pit*
Tags: fanboy, tv on dvd
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