kit (mizkit) wrote,

i finished it!

I went off this afternoon to write and meet up with a friend, and accomplished some 3750 words before our meeting. I was pretty sure I’d broken through the Novelist’s Event Horizon, and thought maybe if I went back to write a little more, I could finish MAGIC & MANNERS sometime tomorrow. So I went back and blew through 2000 words in an hour (that’s about my top speed), said on Twitter that I thought I might keep going, wrote another two sentences, and was like “no wait i’m done!”

I stared at a minute and concluded I was, in fact, satisfied with that, and now MAGIC & MANNERS, which I started about five years ago, is finished! At least in rough draft.

The truth is that I’m not usually all that “yay!” about finishing a book anymore, but in this case I actually feel quite yay! Not sure why, but it’s a lovely feeling!

The next month is going to be full. of. revisions. MAGIC & MANNERS, a straight-up Regency, an Old Races short story, and my nephew’s book all need revision. Between revising I’m going to be writing the detailed synopsis for the second Regency and for REDEEMER, which I had hoped would be my March writing project but which is realistically going to be the April-May project.

In the meantime, MAGIC & MANNERS will be being edited, revised to editorial specifications, given a cover, copy-edited, laid out, made into e-book files, and released in its full shiny format to its patrons, and then relatively soon thereafter to the world.


ytd wordcount: 76,100

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Tags: austen chronicles, done done done!, writing

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