kit (mizkit) wrote,

almost there

I don’t know what’s going to come first on this book, 120K or the end. I suspect 120K, as I’m at 113.4 or something now and I have at least two chapters before I can get to the wrap-up, so yeah.

Still, I’ve cracked 60K for the year and have had pancakes for dinner, so things can’t be all bad. Also I just got a lovely email from one of the MAGIC & MANNERS patrons saying it had gone far enough off the PRIDE & PREJUDICE rails that she really doesn’t know what’s going to happen, and I’m really very happy with that. :) :) :)

I calculated this morning that if I write 2000 words of fiction a day from now until my birthday I could complete two full books by then. That could happen, right? Right? …right?

Yeah, okay. So anyway. :}

Uh. I was going to say one other thing, but…nope. It’s gone.

ytd wordcount: 61,400

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Tags: austen chronicles, writing

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