kit (mizkit) wrote,

o lord we are tired

Young Indiana awakened at 5:12 today, having gotten up yesterday at 5:24 after going to sleep at 9pm. We are all tired. And the poor pumpkin developed a fever suddenly this afternoon, so he's genuinely not well, poor wee fella. We have had a Very Quiet Afternoon of watching movies (How to Train Your Dragon really is *awfully* good, isn't it?) and cuddling.

Before that, though, we went to see my Mom in a dance performance, which was really very entertaining. The dance reminded me of a Busby Berkeley piece, which was evidently exactly what the choreographer was going for, so that's cool. And Young Indiana, at the end of it, shouted, "Thanks, Grandma!" which made everybody laugh. :)

I got 3100 words written in 2.5 hours this morning, which is a very good bout of writing. The book is now at 105K and I've got at least another chapter at [Pemberly], which frankly does not bode well for bringing the book in anywhere under 120K.

ytd wordcount: 56,000

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