kit (mizkit) wrote,

too much story or not enough

A common symptom of a writer at work: vacillating between being confident I can bring this book in at 100K and being sure I can't.

On one hand, I'm feeling like if I'm not careful, MAGIC & MANNERS is going to end up *longer* than PRIDE & PREJUDICE. It certainly is if I keep following P&P as closely as I've been doing, although it's also diverging more, so I don't necessarily have to follow so closely. The second half of P&P has sort of a lot of faffing around with characters I've essentially ellided in M&M, so I may be able to streamline it somewhat in order to focus on the thrust of *my* story. So maybe I can cut it down some and narrow the focus of the last 40K of the original book. OTOH, I've been giving characters ellided in P&P some screen time/new storylines, so...yeah, well. I'll try not to let it be *longer* than P&P. :)

Anyway, 5300 words today, which isn't enough to make 15K this weekend unless I have a genuinely stupendous writing day tomorrow, but I'm over 80K now and that's a good day's work.

Oh! And look at that, I crossed the average of 1K/day mark for the month, which is awesome. #boogies

ytd wordcount: 31,400

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