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so many conventions

Argh, there are so many conventions I’d like to go to this year. I’d like to go to EasterCon, because Jim’s going to be one of the guests of honor and it’s the perfect place for seeing UK-based friends.

I’d like to go to WorldCon because it’s West Coast this year and so loads of people I know will be there and so will Daniel Keys Moran, who doesn’t go to cons and who I would really, really like to meet.

And I just found out WFC is in Saratoga Springs again this year. WFC is by far the best professional convention to go to, *especially* when it’s held in New York, because half the publishing industry just hops on the train and pops up for the weekend, and besides that, lots of people I know will be there.

I’d like to go to Geek Girl Con, too, but it’s the same weekend as Octocon, and assuming all goes well I’ll be doing a book launch at Octocon so yeah, no.

Anyway, I don’t know how I can go to any of them, realistically, never mind ALL of them, which would presumably require selling a kidney. Or a book. Or several. :)

(Before anybody says “Kickstart it!”, 1. I just ran a Kickstarter that hasn’t been fulfilled yet, so the idea would make me twitch anyway, and 2. I don’t have any idea what I could offer as rewards/perks/whatevers to make it worth anybody wanting to support such an endeavour. So. :))

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