kit (mizkit) wrote,

nap time

I had to wait for a parcel delivery this morning, so after bringing Young Indiana to school I came home and--in a fit of craziness--sacked out on the couch for a nap. Or a rest, because I never got properly asleep, mostly because I kept falling asleep just enough to snore, which I was not too asleep to hear. Turns out hearing yourself snoring keeps you awake just as much as hearing somebody else snoring.

I anticipated the delivery time of the parcel correctly, though, which led to a pretty ideal 90 minute rest that I definitely needed. Especially since I have big plans to Go Out tonight (to the Writers' Centre, where they're doing a workshop on applying for literary bursary awards), and I thought it would be nice to be semi-conscious for that. It may mean I need to put real pants on, though, which is an alarming prospect. :)

Between the nap and the thing tonight, though, I don't anticipate getting any writing done today. (Oh, that reminds me I need to post the M&M chapters.) I'm doing pretty well on wordcount for the year so far, well ahead of my minimum goal, so a day off won't hurt.

I forgot to say that Supernatural's season 9 finale ended where I thought it had to, and that I am therefore pleased with it.

Back to cleaning the kitchen now, because I know how to have fun.

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