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Man, I wish this lightboard tracing I did was a real drawing. I'd gotten into a rather fine mood in general and then looked at it for some reason and now I feel crabby. My, what a fickle beast I am.

Wordcount navel-gazing: I ended up with 3K and came in at 228 pages. I obviously could have made the last 2, but as a reward to my sullen writer brain, or something, I watched two episodes of GG and ate strawberries with whipped cream. I'm reasonably certain the whipped cream is defeating the nutritional value of the strawberries, but since I wouldn't eat them without it, it ... comes out in the wash?

Ok. I've watched through the first 5 episodes of season 2 now. I spent most of the 4th episode going, "...did Lorelai tell *Max* the wedding was off, or did she just let him find out through the Miss Pattie gossip mill?" Deborah says a later episode indicates the former, but the latter is so Lorelai I just assumed that's what had happened, and felt cheated out of the scene were poor goddamned Max finds out. I don't even *like* Max in the sense of thinking he's a good match for Lorelai, but man, he deserves better than her.

Actually, feeling fairly strongly that pretty much anybody deserves better than Lorelai. Possible favorite line so far was Max telling her she needed to learn to think about somebody other than herself for a few minutes every day. Luke's a better match for her because he'll shove himself into her life whether she wants him to or not, and Max is too good a guy to do that (not that Luke isn't, but he's pushier), but man, anybody who carves a chuppah like that deserves better than Lorelai, too.

I love Emily and Lorelai's relationship. (Part of the reason I'm enjoying this show so much is because it's a sort of bright mirror reflection of my character Kit's life, and Emily is the sort of character Kit's mother is. Actually, Rory's a character sort of like Kit's son is, too, and...yeah. That's definitely part of why I like the show.) It's a little hard to pick favorite characters (thank GOD they got rid of the harp player), but I like Emily very much indeed. She's certainly got her god-awful moments, but she's got her really wonderful moments of vulnerability, too. Nice stuff.

I've just been introduced to Jess. I'm assuming the genuine bad boy Jess is going to prove to be Rory's intellectual match, and charming, sweet, wonderful Dean is going to be badly, and perhaps rightfully, threatened by this.

I'm sure I have more commentary, but I'm getting tired. :)

miles to Isengard: 168
ytd wordcount: 219,900
Tags: 1000 drawings, fanboy, rivendell, writing

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