kit (mizkit) wrote,

Happy Birthday of the Unconquered Sun!

I got up this morning and lit a candle for the Ember Days, because defying the gods of a fictional world is just how I roll. And also it was certainly long before sunrise, so I’ve done my part in showing the sun the way back today (although I think tonight may actually be the Longest Night. Close enough.). Happy Birthday of the Unconquered Sun, everybody. :)

I tell you what, poor Indy is so wrecked that I’m about ready to wrap all the presents and declare it Christmas. He is SO. EXCITED. So excited and stressed and anticipatory and tired that, when he got in trouble for something this morning, he went into total meltdown and demanded that we cancel Christmas. He even tried to start taking ornaments off the tree. Poor wretchedly exhausted boy. I’m glad I went to bed at 9 o’clock last night. @.@

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Tags: daily life

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