kit (mizkit) wrote,

look, i wrote a book

I have, a year late and after half a dozen false starts and tens of thousands of words thrown away, finally finished the 3rd book in the quartet I’m writing for my nephew.

It is, I am pretty confident, utter shit, but Christ, at least it’s finished.

That’s…three, I think. Books I’ve written this year. STONE’S THROE, which will be out–soon! January, maybe, for Kickstarter backers? March or April for everybody else? BEWITCHING BENEDICT, the Regency we’re shopping around, and now SKYMASTER.

Also I have written pretty nearly half of MAGIC & MANNERS, a substantial epic fantasy proposal, a less substantial dystopic YA proposal, a Highlander fic, and…most of a short story for a patron and I need to finish that right away now. :)

Jesus. I’m wrecked. It’s nowhere near the greatest amount of writing I’ve done in a year–it’s maybe 300K, but I don’t think it’s quite that much–but I’m just bloody shattered.

I think I’ll go to bed now.

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Tags: daily life, family, writing, ytd wordcount

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