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Didn't go to the movie yesterday, due to buying too many heavy graphic novels and fruit, none of which I wanted to haul to the movie theatre. This all would have been avoided if I'd just gone to the movie first upon arriving in Cork, but instead I stopped and got my hair cut. This was a week shy of the 6 weeks of Not Doing Anything To My Hair moratorium I'd set, but the ends were very, very dark, and I was growing increasingly unhappy with that, so I went ahead and got the dark bits more or less cut out. This meant cutting about 4 inches off, which has left my hair in much better shape and feeling weirdly short. All things considered, I think I did very well in not cutting it all off, given that I'm in the midst of a book and I didn't feel well yesterday and yadda yadda yadda. (Mom thought I shouldn't cut my hair until I was not in the middle of a book. This would've meant not cutting my hair until sometime in 2008, which is longer than I was willing to wait. :))

badly focused, decent lighting

better focus, poor lighting, dire expression

(length compared to this, five weeks ago.)

I miss my Rogue stripe.

Picked up the Marvel Secret Wars GN in Cork, due to its gorgeous artwork. A comic geek at the counter enthused enthusiastically about it to me (the art, anyway; I'm not sure he said a lot about the story), and said nothing about the Ultimate X-Men GN I also picked up. :) Um. Bought fruit. Came home and watched 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls, which then caused me to hit debela with a stick because augh the addiction of it all. She, helpfully, said, "Just wait til you watch the next episode." Augh! Oh, and I made what I thought was really a *quite* nice dinner (baked chicken with a boxed pasta that I tarted up by sauteeing some mushrooms and throwing 'em in; if I'd had tomatoes I'd have added them too, but I didn't, and carrots), but sadly, I was the only one who enjoyed it, 'cause Ted wasn't hungry when he came home. Perhaps he can have it for dinner tonight.

I got up late this morning and now it's past 9 and I haven't started writing yet. Must remedy that, so I'm off to work. Wish me luck.

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