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Recent Reads: The Grand Sophy

I started reading Georgette Hayer probably because of Sarah Rees Brennan and Chrysoula Tzavelas, who are both big Regency fans. I’ve read three or four of her books now and enjoyed them all, but THE GRAND SOPHY is one of Chrysoula’s favourites, and I can entirely see why.

Unlike the other Heyer books I’ve read, I actually found THE GRAND SOPHY a bit hard to get into. That all changes when Sophy herself arrives on the scene, because–

–we often hear characters described as exploding onto the page, but I don’t often find that to be an *accurate* description.

Sophy does in fact explode onto the page. She’s larger than life and enormously well realized as a character, with tremendous charisma and confidence, and you can easily understand why some people don’t like her and others are drawn along, full of admiration, in her wake. Her arrival in the book awakens everything–which is the point–and it’s really just *excellent* storytelling. I’m envious of Heyer’s skills!

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