kit (mizkit) wrote,

“I’ve always wanted to write a book!”

At the cafe this morning, people were talking w/site manager about market space. I was listening in & they noticed. Manager says “She’s writing a book!”

One immediately says “I have a great first line for a book: ‘I’ve a terrible secret.’ Isn’t that great? You could get a whole book deal off that!”

I thought, “Uh, no you couldn’t,” and I *said* “So what’s the secret?”

She said “You don’t find out at the end! Keep them for the second book!”

…right then.

Then they asked for my name in case I made it with this book. I said they could find me at Chapters Bookstore under CE Murphy.

Oh, they said, you’re affiliated with Chapters?

I’m not affiliated with them, I said, they just carry my books, and I refrained from adding “you assholes” to the end of that or any other remark.

I’m not really offended; people assume writers aren’t published or are vanity press & local shops are selling them on consignment. But @.@

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