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we don't need no stinkin' logic!

Here I am, marching along (not chugging today: not enough momentum), and man this scene's getting long and the chapter's not the longest but if this scene doesn't end soon it'll be rivaling the longest and whew, finally hit 3K for the day and chug chug ok can I wrap it up here no not really but if I go back and fix something *goes back and ...*

And wow, that transition is really ugly. Rrrreeaaally ugly. Like, ugly enough that *I* don't get what happened. Ok, how to fix that. Oh, well, hey, a scene from the other POV character would be good, and would clear up the transition problem, and ... make the chapter about six thousand words long.

*cuts the entire long scene and pastes it into the next chapter, where it no longer seems interminable*

*stares in dismay at the chapter that has now been reduced by 60%*

Ok, *logically* I know I haven't written any less just because I've moved stuff from one chapter to another, but having written 3K on chapter 11 already and now having to write another 2K on chapter 11 makes me dismal anyway.

*flops dismally*

(OTOH, I always like writing chapter 11 in any book because I figure if the book isn't going to work, this is the chapter where it will fail.

What? Don't other people think that way? I mean, come on, tell me it doesn't make sense!

...ok, maybe you shouldn't tell me if it doesn't make sense. *sulk*)
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