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We trundled into Cork today and I had an art store accident. Can it be an accident if you go in planning to have one? Well, anyway, I ended up with the 10x12 lightboard, because they didn't *have* any others after all that, and I decided I preferred having a smaller one to not having one at all and tracing on the window. (This would all be moot if I could find my Wacom tablet pen, but I can't.) I also got some new conte pencils, some new ink pens (as opposed to some other kind of pens?), an eraser and a pencil sharpener, and two new sketchpads, one of which is Big and the other of which has black paper. Nifty. :)

Ted got new shoes and some chef hats that aren't tall, because he's already taller than most people in Ireland and his tall hats will knock on the ceilings at work, or something. :) Then we went out to dinner and, as usual, managed to miss the 6:30 train back to Cobh and as usual, couldn't believe that there wasn't a 7pm train, so we went to the train station and ended up having to sit around for close to an hour and a half. Fortunately, we'd also stopped at Other Realms, and had comic books to read. I still think they should've grouped the Age of Apocalypse stories by title instead of doing it chronologically. The third compilation did have the Blink/Creed scene that made me turn red with INSANE MADDENING JEALOUSY for about two point five seconds in college. Coming across that again made me laugh. :)

And, using that as a segue that only six people reading this will get, let me now tell you about Evil Hat Productions' new RPG, DON'T REST YOUR HEAD, conceived of and written by drivingblind.

Evil Hat Productions, for those of you who don't know, is the brainchild of Fred Hicks (drivingblind) and Rob Donoghue (rob_donoghue). They've been building in-house RPGs for some years now, and their Fate system has won awards and accolades all over the place. Their big project, due on the shelves late this year, is the RPG for best-selling fantasy author Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. In the meantime they've been putting out hit after hit in PDF and perfect-bound formats.

DON'T REST YOUR HEAD is one of these. I have not, sadly, played it; one of the pissers about living in far reaches (be they Alaska or Ireland) is you don't get to roleplay with the awesome gamers you know. Instead, I'm pushing this particular product based on reviews, especially debela's, because I'm the kind of gamer she is: I don't *give* a shit about mechanics.

Seems DRYH is intuitive to people like me. This is a thing of beauty and joy forever. It is also, by all reports, a creepy, RP-heavy, stimulating game about people who can't get to sleep and have developed superpowers as the not-exactly-happy side-effect.

Go. Go forth, buy DON'T REST YOUR HEAD, and report the madness back to me. (Seriously. Odds of me getting to play this game unless I hit the DC area are pretty low, so I'd love to hear about other people playing it. Also, jeez, Fred, I've talked *myself* into buying it, and I don't randomly purchase RPGs. Ever. You win, dude. :))

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