kit (mizkit) wrote,

gchat problems

Does anybody have *any* idea why the in-mail Gchat would abruptly stop showing my online presence to someone? I accidentally turned the stupid hangouts on the other day and when I turned it off, my mom couldn’t see me online anymore, and still can’t. This morning she tried sending me another invite to chat and it started not even letting her see my chats when I talked to her–it wouldn’t pop a window up.

Now I’ve turned the stupid hangouts back on and if I chat her, she can see it, but she still seems me as greyed out and can’t start a chat with me.

Does anybody have any idea what’s going on with it? My sister and she have been having the same problem for months and we’ve tried everything we can think of. Removing them both entirely from each other’s contacts and re-adding them fixed the problem for about an hour, apparently, but then it stopped working again.

(It is not that I have my status set to ‘not here’ or ‘offline’, fwiw.)

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Tags: we have the technology

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