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five things make a post

I had things to post about when I opened this window, I swear. Now I’ve forgotten them all.

Well, anyway. Let’s see. There was an early showing of the second How To Train Your Dragon movie yesterday, and the first half of it was good. Ted says the second half was good too, but Young Indiana didn’t make it all the way through, so neither did I. :)

I did see (all of) Belle this weekend, and it was *wonderful*. Highly, highly recommended.

Working my way through Veronica Mars. I’m a little less than halfway through the first season. Mostly it’s Weevil who’s keeping me watching. I love him. :)

Last night I had a Terrible Dilemma about watching more VM or finishing reading Harry Connolly‘s WAY INTO CHAOS, the first of his Kickstarted epic fantasy trilogy The Great Way. Except it wasn’t such a terrible dilemma after all, save for that I probably would have gone to bed at a more sensible hour if I’d gone for VM, because I stayed up toooo laaaate finishing WAY INTO CHAOS.

(“He wins!” Ted said cheerfully when I said that. :))

Holy crap, dudes, that is one hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners, breathtaking holy shit of a book.

I mean, I knew going in that it was about the fall of an empire, but when it all went to hell I was like “NO WAIT WUT” and — look, the only reason I didn’t launch into book 2 immediately was because it was already way past my bedtime and Young Indiana was going to get up early no matter when I went to bed, so I couldn’t compound my foolishness too far. :)

At one point I inadvertantly whispered, “oh shit!” out loud, causing Ted to say, “What? WHAT? Was that a good oh shit or a bad one? WHAT?!” :)

And finally, I made this chocolate pudding yesterday, and not only was it very nice, but it also actually only took 20 minutes and made 6 servings, just like it said it would.

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