kit (mizkit) wrote,

dear chance fans…

…if you had a choice between a whole Chance-world origin story or an introduction to a new modern character in the Chance world, which would you prefer?

I actually have an artist lined up (possibly even two) so I’m trying to get ducks in a row for doing some kind of mini-stories for web release and maybe eventual Comixology release.

Speaking of which, I’ve just taken the first small step toward getting Chance prepared to submit to Comixology by getting my colorist to redo 3 or 4 pages where we messed up. If I was a really good person I would go through and edit the text so that it, er, wouldn’t suck, in the places that it does suck, but that would require either hiring a letterer or doing it myself, and I lack both skill and cash.

Plflffft. I wish I felt like there was a practical way to Kickstart Chance for print copies. I wish many things. Hrmph. :)

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Tags: chance, comics, kickstarter

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