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work night

Tonight is a work night and I have no idea what to work on. I’ve finished revisions on STONE’S THROE, so I don’t have to worry about that. The next major project up on my docket is my nephew’s book, so that would obviously be the smart thing to work on, but I’m in one of those headspaces where I’d like to do something quick and fun just to get something *written* so that I feel all “woo go me look how much I got done!” :)

I have a short story to write that would fit that bill, except I haven’t figured out the mcguffin for it yet (must do that, I want to get the story done for the VERY PATIENT patron by the end of the month), and I have some extremely vague short comic script ideas that would also probably fit the bill, except for the extremely vague part. (I also have at least one and possibly two artists who would draw them, so I really *should* do one of those. Except vague.

I could always, of course, spend some time de-vaguing them so I could *write* a couple little 8 page scripts next time I have a short window of “it’d be nice to do something quick in here”, eh?

(I have the 6th Chance script written, did you know that? It starts a new story arc. Maybe I really need to just get my act together and submit the first 5 issues to Comixology and…see. It’s not like I could make any *less* money on it.)

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