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Yesterday it struck me that I needed a lightboard, or a trace board, whatever you want to call it, for art. (This is because I've learned that if I trace a drawing once, I have a much better feel for then doing it freehand, so it's really a very useful learning method for me.) So, as a procrastinatory technique, I just remembered this and came to look them up.

Jeez. The cheapest I found at a glance is €86, and the one that's of a size more like what I'd prefer is €155. For twenty-five cents less I could get a *projector*.

Now, my experience with projectors is that gosh, all the blood falls out of your arms while you're using one, but you can do things of all sizes with a projector, which you can't so much with a lightboard. (You can also use a window and some tape to trace, but that also involves the blood falling out of the arms, which is what I was trying to avoid. Plus cold arms from leaning on the window.)

So. Should I get a 10x12" lightboard (€85.50), a 12x18" lightboard (€155), or a projector (€154.75)? Discuss and advise!
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