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24 May 2014 @ 04:50 pm
Picoreview: Days of Future Past  

Picoreview: Days of Future Past: YAY

There was not a moment of completely suspended disbelief the way Nightcrawler’s opening scene in X2 took me in, but that was a thoroughly enjoyable film and had a moment *almost* that good. I want to see it again!

Spoilers right through the end of the movie behind the cut, so don’t click through if you don’t wanna know. :)

The almost-that-good moment was Quicksilver’s big scene, which was laugh-out-loud funny in places and did a beautiful job of showing off his powers. That was terrific, and the aftermath was brilliant. :)

Blink! I loved Blink! She was very Blink!

Bobby! FINALLY! We got to see Bobby REALLY ICE UP. Finally proper Iceman stuff! FINALLY! Ted and I were both practically on the edges of our seats going EEE! EEE! EEE!

Bishop, OMG. That guy was perfect. I didn’t actually like the representation of his powers all that much, but the dude LOOKED like Bishop.

Okay, right, um, let’s see. Actual movie instead of just shouting character names. :)

Really, actually, I was just pleased that their whole attempt to change the timeline hit so many bumps in the road. Jennifer Lawrence carried quite a lot of the film and was pivotal in terms of the outcome, which was nice to see. OTOH, poor Ellen Page basically had nothing to do except bow her head over Hugh Jackman’s and cry some, which is kinda too bad. And Anna Paquin got like 5th billing for a 3 second cameo, which is ridiculous (Sirs Ian and Patrick shared the ‘and’, which kind of delighted me :)).

Also, for the first time Hugh Jackman was actually *shaped* like Wolverine. Holy crap. That’s a fricking lot of muscle to pack onto a frame that tall to look that thick.

(Okay, this is apparently going to be a shouting character names review and not much more. :))

OMG. There was a moment where a silver-haired older woman turned and spoke unexpectedly to Mystique and I seized Ted’s leg and was like OH MY GOD IT’S IRENE IT’S IRENE IT’S–oh. it’s charles talking through somebody. nevermind. But man, for one moment there I was just over the fucking *moon*. Before, y’know, being crushed like a bug. Oh well. :)

And then the last bit, OMG, we basically knew it was coming but Ted and I were sitting there clutching each other’s hands as Wolvie walked through the school seeing it restored and seeing people he knew (KELSEY GRAMMAR CAMEO BAHAHAHA) and then…wait for it…waaaait for it…hand-crushing anticipation…OMG YES JEAN YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH THEY HAVE 100% RETCONNED X3 YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH JEAN YEAH JEAN YEAH JEAN YEAH JEAN YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH JEAN!!!!!!!!!

Although I gotta say, I really, *really* wanted Logan to be able to hug her to pieces instead of Scott interfering, even if it was how we got to see Scott, too. But I really wanted poor Wolvie to just be able to hug the hell out of Jean for one minute there.

They have, in fact, retconned everything except First Class, which is a retcon worthy of Marvel. Ted was like “no, no, it’s not all…no, wait. holy crap, you’re right, it is ALL RETCONNED.” There’s only one inconsistency that we were able to really put our finger on, which is that the Origins Stryker knew Wolvie from in Vietnam, whereas DOFP Stryker clearly doesn’t know him, but either Logan, either future-Logan or past-Logan, *ought* to know Stryker but only future-Logan recognizes him. So that got retconned too, except it shouldn’t have because it was an event that took place before DOFP. Still, it was the only real wobble like that I noticed.

I, oh oh oh. Man. I totally expected Wolvie to pop claw there at the end and for it to be steel claws, after Magneto’s earlier comment and then the rebar thing. But eee! And yay! and squee!

I really enjoyed it. :)

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Brienzebrienze on May 25th, 2014 04:49 am (UTC)
Forgive me for being a bit slow, but is this Quicksilver the same one that's going to be in Age of Ultron? Have they connected the universes, even though Fox has a stranglehold on the X-Men rights?

Also, the bit at the very end with not!Stryker... doesn't that mean Logan never gets the adamantium, if Raven rescued him? I guess they figured two standalone Wolvie movies were enough.

I'm not as dedicated a fan of X-Men as I am the rest of the MCU, so I was pleased to catch a lot of the in jokes. And the scene on the plane when Charles and Erik first start talking, the one that's filmed a bit from below, their jawlines were lit perfectly for me to really believe those guys would turn into the Sirs when they got older.
kit: xmen_clawsmizkit on May 25th, 2014 08:41 am (UTC)
Aheh. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are Complicated, in terms of the X-Men/Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff.

See, Fox owns the rights to develop the X-Men/mutants, among whom number Quicksilver and his sister Scarlet Witch. HOWEVER, Marvel owns the rights to develop the Avengers...among whom number Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. So they *are* the same characters, but they'll be played by different people in Age of Ultron, and apparently they get their powers in a different way (ie, are Marvels (ppl whose powers are more or less thrust upon them or are gods or whatever) rather than mutants)--the suggestion at the end of Winter Soldier is that they've made them with Loki's staff, whereas they're clearly Magneto's kids and mutants in DOFP, as is canon in the comics.

So. It's Very Complicated. :)

As for Wolvie's adamantium...it clearly means he doesn't end up with it right then/that way, but given how much a part of the character it is I'm highly dubious that they intend to mean he won't ever get it. OTOH, apparently Jackman will be doing an Old Man Logan film, and that's a storyline in which Wolvie no longer has the adamantium, so it may be we've seen the last of adamantium-Wolvie until they re-cast the character.

I think they might've filmed that scene from below for exactly that reason!

Edited at 2014-05-25 08:44 am (UTC)
Chris: Hercules90scartoonman on June 8th, 2014 01:17 am (UTC)
::crosses fingers for Irene Adler in the Apocalypse movie::