25 February 2013 @ 01:52 pm

I am slowly getting there, in terms of amalgamating and In fact, tonight I’ll be redirecting to in preparation for MOUNTAIN ECHOES’s release this week.

Nothing is nearly as organized as I’d like, but the basics are in place, which is to say the links should all work with the redirect. I need to go through and fix images, and in the slightly longer run I have hopes of making the CEMurphy.Net pages look different from the mizkit pages (because my delightful web designer lady has put the thought that it’s possible in my head :)), but for the moment, I’ll take “basically working” as good enough.

It’s getting there. It’s getting there. Keep calm, sure it’s grand.

In other news, it’s a bright and sunshiny, if slightly chilly, day, and I am feeling more positive and capable about, oh, everything. It’s amazing what a little sunshine does for my mood.

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11 February 2013 @ 05:50 pm

My friend ceosanna asks, “How did you come up with your LJ name?” which seemed like a good question/meme thing to participate in, so I thought I’d answer!

Kit was a character I played on an X-Men MUSH about twenty years ago. She was a comic-book me, though I always imagined her physically a bit more like Linda Hamilton. She was a photographer with a kid, and I’ve always sort of regarded her as having a life of her own: she’s one of the other paths I could have taken. (Curiously, if I took a Myers-Briggs test as Kit, it came out ENTJ, whereas if I take one as me I’m an ENFP. Kit, it appears, manifests as the part of me you really don’t want to rile up.)

Anyway, very early on, my long-time roleplay partner Sarah, in a scene where she was playing Sabretooth, referred to Kit as “Miz Kit”. I *loved* it. Fred, who later picked up Sabes as the full-time player, also picked up the nickname. I was using it all over the net by the end of 1994, having by then permanently abandoned the other names I’d gone through in the previous four years.

(In fact, starting to use ce_murphy on things really kinda bothered me at first, because I was so tied to the mizkit moniker. That’s a lot of why I separated out and; mizkit was always very personal to me, and cemurphy was (and is) a business name.)

I also used “Kit” on our online social MUSH, which led to people calling me Kit. Even though it was an online name, I became so accustomed to it referring to me that I periodically got confused and offended if I was somewhere with someone also named Kit, because that was MY name, dammit! (This apparently has something to do with the visual of seeing myself referred to as Kit in typing all the time, and of the third-person nature of writing in MUSHes, which emphasizes possession of the name to me.) Anyway, in time the name spilled into real life as I met more of my online friends in real life.

Though I’ve never become entirely accustomed to being called Kit *Murphy*: Kit’s last name is Ellis. And I’ve never gotten good at introducing myself as Kit, which is kind of a shame in Ireland, because the accent here often turns “Catie” into something that sounds like “Cathy” to my ears, and I haaaaaaaaate being called Cathy. So I learned to introduce myself as Cate, which I also don’t like, but which is better than Cathy. And now it’s habit, so it’s hard to remember to try to introduce myself as Kit here instead.

So that’s where Miz Kit comes from, and perhaps that helps to explain my emotional trauma over losing the site name, and the depths of my gratitude toward Fred and Laura for rescuing it for me. <3

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09 February 2013 @ 09:58 am

After all the helpful answers yesterday about Kitsnaps photos, I forgot to set one to post this morning. You’re all certainly good for my ego, so shame on me. :)

But it’s okay, because my AWESOME WEB DESIGNER is telling me all kinds of nifty things that WordPress can do that I didn’t know about, and we are going to make Kitsnaps BIGGER! STRONGER! FASTER! Or something like that. This will be AWESOME. With AWESOMENESS on the side!

(Actually, now that you mention it, I may have been watching Kung Fu Panda* a lot lately. Why do you ask?)

Seriously, I feel slightly kid-in-a-candy-shop about this. I’ve wanted for years and years to make Kitsnaps a viable Thing, and with one year-long-or-so exception, have pretty much failed in that. I’d love to have a professional photographer aspect of the site/my career, even if I don’t pursue it with the singlemindedness that I’ve gone after writing, and this at least gives me a step toward that. I’m delighted.

I’m equally delighted to actually be hiring somebody who knows what they’re doing. It seems the last of my shame, shame, shame of being unable to do it myself anymore is evaporating in the face of working with someone who knows what she’s doing and has cool ideas that implement my wishes without me even knowing those wishes could be implemented. So I cast off the chains of my former career and embrace somebody else doing it now!

(It’ll probably be hardly more than another month or so before I stop gibbering gleefully about the website and things we’re doing with it. Honest. I’m just really happy to have it back, and full of squee over how things can be arranged with it.)


*Legends of AWESOMENESS. And things.

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05 February 2013 @ 06:49 pm

Misty Wolf at Dublin Zoo
Misty Wolf At Dublin Zoo
This is a bit of a test to see how well this WordPress gallery works. I’ve long since concluded I’m never going to manage Project 365 (at least not for some years yet), but I’d like to try /posting/ a picture a day, anyway, even if I don’t take one daily. I’m sure I can auto-set it to post, which would help, but even if not, I can give it a stab. And that might help me make an effort to get out and take more pictures, which would be great.

Oh, hey, look. It works fairly splendidly. Awesome!

I’ve been wanting to launch this idea all year (all 36 days of it), but I was waiting to get back up and redesigned, which it now is! It’s still undergoing a lot of renovation–I’m going to amalgamate into it, because I lack the spoons to manage two sites, and is the one that suffers for it. So mizkit’s got a lot of pages to be folded in, and there’s still a bunch of fiddly detail work to work out, final decisions about color schemes to be made, etc, but the heavy lifting in terms of major design work is done.

And for this I am exceedingly grateful to, who has tackled the redesign with equanimity, speed and skill that I cannot match. The former web designer in me is one part envious, and the current novelist is five parts thrilled. :)

I am every bit as grateful to Laura Soapturtle for bailing my ass out in terms of hosting, and for not biting my head off when I’ve come to her with a dozen finicky problems. I have awfully, awfully good friends. *happy dance*

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03 February 2013 @ 09:26 pm

I can’t quite get used to clicking the ‘home’ button on my browser and having actually come back up again. It makes me happy every time, which is good, because for the first month it was down I couldn’t look at the ad farm without spasming with rage.

I amused myself this afternoon while getting the MOUNTAIN ECHOES give-aways packed up. Hopefully I will have also amused the recipients, when it comes to that. :)

Slightly longer than intended “Mansfield Park” picoreview behind the cut, for mild spoilers.

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31 January 2013 @ 11:40 pm

Is too much. I sum up.

Stupidity. Rampant, rampant stupidity.

The slightly longer version is that due to Reasons, I believed that was registered through one domain registrar when she was in fact registered through another. When her time was up, I paid the bill at Registar One, only to find out too late that I should’ve been paying it at Registrar Two. By that time, Registrar One, who are a bunch of f*ckers (do not, for the love of god, use Jumpline) had set up as an ad farm run by one of their partners–a partner which they repeatedly informed me they couldn’t affect anything with.

Anyway, the site name went to auction, my friends Fred and Laura *completely saved my ass* on it, because I was paralyzed with grief and rage over the whole thing, and after three full months of nonsense I (re: Laura) was able to get mizkit back up on a different server which is now her forever home.

I’d had thoughts of relaunching with a new design, but upon her resurrection, I discovered that the reason I haven’t redesigned in three years is not just exhaustion or laziness, but that I really, really love the design elements here. So I canned the design I had in the wings and am trying to do something else with the same Chance image. There are modern web design functions I really want to incorporate, so there *will* be a redesign coming soon, but for the moment I’m just going to be incredibly, incredibly grateful I’ve got my web home back. I’ve been mizkit online for 20 years. I was *destroyed* when I thought I’d lost her, and I’m so, so glad to have her back.

Wee clickable mockup of the possible redesign behind the break.

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31 January 2013 @ 09:31 am

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Fred Hicks, who did all this WHILE RUNNING A $433K KICKSTARTER, and Laura Hobbs, is back up.

I’m not crying.


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