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11 June 2012 @ 02:29 pm

Disneyland for Deon: Years ago Ted and I said to our friend Emily, “Get a teaching job and move to Alaska!” What we really meant was “Get a teaching job and move to Anchorage!” except Emily took it more broadly and got a teaching job in Kotlik, which is on the west coast of Alaska and is approximately 500 miles from Anchorage. We told ourselves to be more careful about our phrasing in the future, and then we left Alaska for Ireland, leaving Emily behind.

She’s still there, and is at the moment running a crowdfunding project for her adopted Yup’ik brother, Deon. Deon was born with glass bones, and this October will have outlived his doctors’ estimations of his life expectation by ten years. He very much wants to go to Disneyland to celebrate his birthday. It’s an expensive proposition, so the only way to make it happen is, essentially, through the kindness of strangers. And Emily doesn’t know this, but I will eventually be writing a story for the people who help send Deon to Disneyland, so g’wan, donate a bit, make a kid happy, get a story! And boost the signal, please!

Camp Myth: This is a quite charming idea about mythological creature summer camp, where they go to learn to be useful members of their communities, until, of course, everything goes awfully wrong. The author’s intending them as illustrated books. I love the artwork he’s got already, I think the idea sounds like great fun for kids, and I hope it succeeds, so check it out!

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