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30 April 2012 @ 02:21 pm

The e-book pricing conversation showed a fair amount of support for “mass market paperback price minus 10-20%”, which is pretty interesting. Thank you all for the contributions–coming from a position where I’m looking at doing a bit of self-publishing, it’s really terrific to get that feedback from, well, potential customers, to be blunt about it. :)

In other news, I’m teaching a writing course (with an emphasis on fantasy fiction, of course, but equally of course I think any writing course can be generally applied if anything sensible is said in it) at the Irish Writers’ Centre on May 19th-20th. I post this because 1. there may be a reader or who who’d like to attend, and 2. because it will hopefully remind me to go pick my fellow writers’ brains about worldbuilding and magic systems. :)

Juliet McKenna and Diane Duane both have pretty glowing (& largely spoiler-free) things to say about Avengers: Juliet’s post is here and Diane’s is here.

Laura Anne Gilman’s Cosa Nostradamus Kickstarter–2 novellas for $9!–is in its final few days with less than $1000 to reach goal! Quick, go buy in so we can find out what happens with Danny the faun!

Oh oh! Dublin got the 2014 Eurocon bid! All you people in America who keep saying you should visit Ireland, this is a VERY GOOD opportunity! ShamroKon (bahahaha, I just saw the name) will be August 22-23, the week after London’s Worldcon. A two week geek holiday in the making! Come one, come all!

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